1525209_10154321671395251_7502475390779717491_nADAM BURN – Artist

Famed planet-killer and sci-fi master Adam Burn is an artist with ten years of experience creating concept art, illustrating graphic novels and building worlds… as well as breaking them. A self-taught digital artist with a passion for the extreme and the extraordinary, Adam is just as comfortable illustrating space ships and starscapes as he is tanks, planes and paranoid androids.

10461390_10154413782255214_6524125863299324278_nPETER COOPER – Writer

With a background in film and as a passionate historian, Peter Cooper is a writer who dedicates himself to creating realistic worlds that are sure to enthrall readers, with universes that are as rich and vibrant as they are broad and diverse. A screenwriter, novelist, comics writer and film maker, Peter strives to create experiences for his readers that are engaging, enthralling and above all, exciting.